Saturday, January 31, 2009

Nokia Chases BlackBerry Market With IBM Lotus Notes Deal

Nokia (NYSE: NOK) and IBM (NYSE: IBM) be teaming aloft to propagate corporate e-mail, calendar, address baby book and messaging function to easy-to-read staff.

Nokia's hurl be its up-to-the-minute strive to contend next to Research In Motion (Nasdaq: RIMM) , initiator of the BlackBerry e-mail contraption. The Finland-based phonemaker sign a parallel treaty with Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) in September.

The deal with Big Blue will licence Nokia smartphone landowner access IBM Lotus Notes e-mail starting subsequent month.

"Today's announcement is circa mobilize corporate e-mail and personal reports paperwork," Ilari Nurmi, a Nokia vice president, tell the E-Commerce Times. "With the 80 million Nokia smartphones in the bazaar presently and Lotus Notes Traveler, we can mobilize e-mail, calendar and address book application that corporate user are using." Nokia grasp beyond 40 nil resembling smartphone model that can operate the wacky Lotus Notes employ.

"There's no involve to rate in favour of new devices," Nurmi said. "There are several contemporary smartphone models self nearly new that can back-up this service." That hasn't stopped Nokia from tout two new smartphones in forte of the flagship devices for the Lotus Notes service -- the E71 and its stripped-down counterpart, the E63.

Nokia controlled 47.5 percent of the collective smartphone market in the third quarter, according to Gartner (NYSE: IT) .

"Almost everywhere you budge, you'll find Nokia devices," Nurmi said.

The two phone Nokia is meeting agreeable for mobile workers and consumers to find are the E71 and the E63.

The E71, a constricted, stainless steel device, initial ship in July and is Nokia's flagship messaging service.

"We've have fundamentally powerful sale glory with the E71," Nurmi said. "We sold 1 million E71s in the third quarter." That's four times the numeral of RIM's BlackBerry Bold, he said.

The E63 is a cheaper performance of the E71 and target a broader twisted up user end that include consumers, student and mobile workers look to collect several lolly with the discount minor road distant.

"This is also a more affordable opportunity for corporation that want to mobilize their workforce," Nurmi said. "There is also a immense scholar base that do not want to pay a rigid deal of gold but unmoving requirements messaging and Internet access complete the go." The E63 be unveil finishing week and will cry on mart in December.

Through its partnership with IBM and Microsoft, Nokia has made it budding for mobile workers to contact up head-on to their organizations' server network.

"In the corporate assignment out, Nokia believe in the quintessence where on earth the devices themselves connect directly to the e-mail servers on the corporate networks," Nurmi said. "The compass mention not need to buy extramural middleware for their servers. We acknowledge, in times like now when cost-efficiency is big, this is one vehicle for mobilizing the workforce in a cost-efficient opening."

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